BREAKING NEWS: Bradley Beal, Wizards Agree to 2-Year, $72 Million Deal (10/17/19)

Well, good news for Washington: Bradley Beal is going to be in the capital for another two years. The Wizards have officially signed Beal to a two-year, $72 million contract extension.

“I love DC. This is where I always wanted to be and this is where I wanna be for the rest of my career.”

Beal said in an press conference today.

This is a big win for the Wizards. Last year, they did not make the playoffs which tends to be unattractive for players like Beal. The fact that he signed a deal that is greater than one year displays his loyalty for the city and fan base. Just the fact that he has been in Washington for his whole career (7 seasons), is a big enough statement in and out of itself.

In his last season, Bradley Beal averaged 25.6 points, 5 rebounds, and 5.5 assists a game (Basketball Reference). He also played in all of the 82 games. This man is an all-around team player.

But on the flip side, he only signed for two years and not a supermax deal. There is a possibility that Bradley Beal is eyeing a different route for after his contract expires. Giannis Antetokounmpo ‘s contract is going to expire after the 2019-2020 NBA season, which is the same year that Beal’s contract is over. Which leaves us wondering…

Is there a possibility for a superteam to form with these two players in two years?

Photo Credit:By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA – Bradley Beal, CC BY-SA 2.0,
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