Better Stock Up On Skittles Seattle, Because Marshawn Lynch Is Coming To Town (12/24/19)

Yesterday, information was leaked that the Seattle Seahawks had been pursuing the running back Marshawn Lynch to come out of retirement and back into the NFL again. And after just a few hours, he has been signed to their roster.

The Seahawks’ desperation for a new running back began two days ago, when head coach Pete Carroll announced that Chris Carson, the star running back of the team, would miss the remainder of the NFL season due to a hip injury, and that his backup C.J. Prosise broke his arm in their previous game and would be out for the season as well.

The rumors about joining the Seahawks have been confirmed — meaning that the five-time pro-bowler, Marshawn Lynch, has come out of retirement not only once, but twice now. The first time he announced his coming out of retirement was to play for Oakland Raiders in 2017. It seems for Lynch that for the right price (or right amount of skittles), anything is possible.

Lynch helped the Seattle Seahawks to their first Super Bowl win in 2014. He also contributed in the Seahawks’ NFC Conference Championship win the following year, but unfortunately came up short in the final minutes of the following Super Bowl. In my opinion, it should have been won. Here’s why:

The Seahawks were down 28-24 in Super Bowl XLIX. They had the ball and were on the Patriots’ one yard line with a timeout left. Instead of choosing to hand the football off to their pro-bowl running back, Seattle decided to throw it, yes throw it, to a receiver that wasn’t even open.

5/6 years that Lynch was on the Seahawks, he rushed for over 1000 yards. The other season, he only played in seven games — which explains why he didn’t break 1000 again.

Marshawn Lynch wasn’t nicknamed “Beast Mode” for nothing. He was known for completely trucking people to gain incredible yardage. His combination with Russell Wilson, D.K. Metcalf, and Tyler Lockett has the potential to do some serious damage to teams like the 49ers, or even the Saints later on in the playoffs this season. Since Seattle has brought him back, it is hard to say if there is anyone who could overrun the Seahawks’ offense in the NFC.

Even though all of this was only a hypothetical situation at the beginning, everything fell into place for a deal to be made. Beast Mode traveled to Seattle to discuss and negotiate a deal about his return; and just a few hours later he was a Seahawk again. What an incredible Christmas present for the Seahawks!

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