Bears Sign WR Allen Robinson To Franchise Tag

The Chicago Bears have signed wide receiver Allen Robinson to their franchise tag, as the 27 year-old is expected to bring in $18 million in the 2021 season.

At first, reports were showing that Robinson was not that interested in signing the franchise tag. But after free agent wide receiver Kenny Golladay visited the Bears, Robinson was much eager to settle for the tag. Some speculate that these two events are correlated and others believe that Robinson’s eagerness to sign the franchise tag stemmed from his realization that $17.9 million was the best offer out there for him next season, financially.

The Bears are facing heavy competition of the Bengals and Giants in trying to acquire Golladay in free agency and right now, it is unclear where the former Lions pro bowler will end up. Regardless, Robinson has ensured a nice paycheck for this season and gets to hit free agency in 2022 — which for his situation, it doesn’t seem to get much better than that.