B.T. Dubs, The Warriors Might Still Have A Chance To Win The 2019 NBA Finals And Repeat History (6/10/19)

Many sportscasters and analysts are all talking about how the Golden State Warriors have no chance at winning the 2019 NBA Finals right now considering their current record of one win and three losses. Only one team has come back from that bad of a record in the finals, and contrary to some public knowledge, it happened very recently — Three years ago in fact…

First, let’s fast forward into the 2016 NBA Finals.

It was the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Warriors, LeBron James versus Stephen Curry — the rematch of the time. The Cavaliers were slightly underdogs because of their loss to the dubs during the previous finals. The Warriors on the other hand felt pretty good.

In Game 1, the Warriors had a solid win over the Cavaliers — 104-89.

In Game 2, the Warriors absolutely obliterated the Cavs. Even the final score was 110-77!

In Game 3, the Cavaliers came back and beat the Dubs — 120-90.

Game 4 however was different. Despite Golden State’s win — 108-97, Draymond Green was ejected for throwing a punch at LeBron in-between his legs. This was a costly foul because not only would he be ejected for that game…he would be suspended for the next one as well.

In Game 5, the Cavaliers brought the momentum against the Warriors and beat them at Oracle Arena — 112-97.

During Game 6, the Cleveland crowd was absolutely insane and helped propel them to victory — 115-101.

Now Game 7 was a complete shocker…

Almost with a minute left in the game, the score was tied — 89-89. Andre Iguodala drove to the basket with two defenders behind him, and put up a layup. The crowd went silent.

“BLOCK BY JAMES!” the announcer stated. LeBron had jumped over a teammate and Iguodala to swat the ball. Today, that play is referred to as “the block.”

1:09 left. The Cavaliers have the ball. LeBron James passes it in to Kyrie Irving, who is guarded by Stephen Curry. After a few handles, Irving steps back for a three-point shot.

Dagger! The Cavs took the lead from the Dubs. That made the score 92-89. Curry tried shooting a three point jumper over Kevin Love and came close, but the ball hit the rim.

The Cavaliers got the ball back from the defensive rebound and started dribbling up the court. LeBron kept the ball until 18.7 was left on the clock, then he was fouled and went to the free throw line. The game was over.

The final score came to 93-89! Cleveland did it! They won the series 4 games to 3 in a stunning victory! They came back and did what was thought to be impossible…

All I’m saying is: Don’t count out the Warriors…they get KD back tonight and should put on quite a game. Even if they are down 3-1!

All else aside, the Warriors are fighting to win this for more than just getting rings, rather they are fighting to keep their dynasty. Because that is what is keeping the team together. If they lose, I would expect to see Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant leave and go do their own thing on another team.