All-Pro WR Julio Jones Traded to Tennessee Titans

Highly-coveted Atlanta Falcons receiver, Julio Jones, has been traded to the Tennessee Titans for two draft picks across the next two years, neither of which are 1st-rounders. The Titans will receive a 2023 6th-rounder with Jones as well.

Jones’ next landing spot has been highly speculated ever since he declared he would not be returning to Atlanta this fall. Now, that speculation can end.

Jones will join the already strong Titans offense whose notables include OT, Taylor Lewan; HB, Derrick Henry; WR, A.J Brown; and QB, Ryan Tannehill.

The Titans have shown the ability to win the division and make deep runs in the playoffs. With Jones, they elevate to Super Bowl contenders. Although they still have issues on defense especially on their pass rush, the addition of Jones certainly will help them compete in the AFC. If the defense can be at least average, the Titans could potentially make a Super Bowl run in a very competitive AFC.

The bright side of the deal for Atlanta is the cap space for their draft picks. It was speculated that Jones’ cap hit could have played a role in the team not being able to fetch a first. The Falcons will be able to afford their rookie class now with the newly created cap space.

Regarding the #11 jersey number that fellow WR, A.J Brown wears, Brown will keep it. Jones will have to choose something else. There’s a good chance he chooses #8 as he wore that in college with Alabama.