All Is Bell For The Jets Rushing Game This Season (7/27/19)

Choice. When it comes to free agency and contractual agreements with their teams, athletes cherish their individual power of choice. Some players want to stay and keep all of what they have going good for themselves, while others look for change. Le’Veon Bell was forced to decide what he wanted last football season: Either he could sign a franchise tag with the Pittsburgh Steelers or he could refuse it and keep his power of choice to sign with whoever he wanted to…

He was the type of athlete that wanted to keep his right to choose where he could go as an unrestricted free agent. He turned down the Steelers’ offer to set their franchise tag on him and consequently, Bell missed the whole 2018 season without pay.

Despite the fact that Le’Veon would be missing out on a lot of money and a whole year of NFL experience, he might have received exactly what he needed: rest.

I believe that football is one of the most fun sports to watch and play, but if one is not careful it can take a toll on their body pretty fast. It can wear down players. That is why most NFL rockstars play better in their younger years — because they feel much stronger and healthier from taking less hits and leaving more time to focus on themselves individually.

Le’Veon Bell chose this route, which is why I believe that he will be the running back to watch this season. He will most-likely be the freshest player in the league. Specifically, he will dominate by having more stamina and strength over his rivals. Here is a short video from Bell’s Instagram account showing how he spent time during the year he had off.

This man did not take time off. He was working hard and getting stronger through almost all of his free time. He realized that he had an opportunity of a lifetime to grow in his football skills while not losing a year of football from taking rough hits to his body.

Bell wasn’t allowed to make a decision until March 13 this year — when he chose to join the New York Jets on a four-year, $52.5 million contract with $35 million guaranteed!

The 27 year-old running back is ready to take on the league with rushing this season just like previous years — only this time he will be all rested up. During his last season (2017), Bell had 321 carries for 1,291 yards (NFL high that season) and 85 catches for 655 yards!

In addition to his original talent and skill, he arguably also has the most ripped and athletic body this season that anyone in the NFL has ever seen. When he reported for training camp Wednesday he went through the yearly conditioning twice, when most just go through it once! When a reporter asked Bell why he did so much at training camp, he responded with a simple “why not” (North Jersey).

So long story short, Le’Veon Bell is going to be an absolute beast this season because he has had the rest that very few NFL players have received because barely any of them took last year off too.

The question a lot of us are wondering is: What will Bell’s performance look like this year? Will it be limited because of the lack of NFL experience from not playing last year, or will he triumph because of the extra stamina from all of the time off from being tackled so much?

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