About 6048

A Brief Message From our Founder Christian Stown:

Based on a strictly-sports philosophy, I created 6048 as a sports-media website. My dream is that one day people will be able to follow their favorite teams in sports while escaping the realm of controversial agendas. It’s really that simple, but it is going to take a while until we can get to that point because this website is one of a kind in our current national climate. Our primary focus is to make sure that our customers enjoy sports without it being ruined by our views. That is what makes us different. We realize and accept the fact that including politics in sports further divides us. So we simply don’t! Feel free to explore our website, and don’t worry there is no bias here 🙂 

Despite whatever our individual political beliefs are, we all have one thing in common — the love of sport. And I promise you that we will never jeopardize that. Here at 6048 we are united in sport.

I have teamed up with other athletes to create articles to inform others about what is happening currently in sports. You can find these posts in the articles section of the website.  

Feel free to take some time exploring the website and learn more about what is going on in the sports world.

Contact us for more information at info@6048sports.com

Thanks for checking us out!