A Crazy Night 3 in the NBA Playoffs: Philly With the Comeback and Taking Dubs From the Dubs (4/16/19)

Philadelphia 76ers vs. The Brooklyn Nets Game 2:

123-145 Sixers win, Series tied 1-1

In one of my last articles that I wrote, I talked about the first game of the Sixers-Nets series. In that game, Brooklyn really took it to Philly and beat out the 76ers 111-102 in their own house. This left a bitter taste in the mouth of the whole city. Hope was scarce in Philadelphia that night. A lot of fans were thinking that if their team played the same way the rest of the series, they could get swept (If that happened they would have lost all of their first four games and be completely eliminated from the playoffs). Luckily, tonight that prediction was proven false.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the score was 28-34 with the Sixers in the lead. The lead was the result of their efficiency of getting to the basket and making the most out of the hard offensive situations that they were in. They went on to set an NBA Playoffs record by scoring the most points in a quarter (51 in the third). This really sealed the game for them.

In my opinion, the fact that they started out scoring so well probably secured the dub for Philly. There is so much young talent on the team that needs confidence early in the game to be consistent and play to their best ability. Overall, this game contributed to my enjoyment for the rest of the series, because this one folks will be a fun one to watch!

The Golden State Warriors vs. The LA Clippers Game 2:

135-131 Clippers Win, Series tied 1-1

Looking at this score, you may blink a couple of times or take off your glasses and wipe them off, but I am here to tell you that you are seeing perfectly clear. The #1 seed in the West, the Golden State Warriors, were defeated by the Los Angeles Clippers at Oracle Arena tonight in an exciting comeback win!

Lets put this into perspective…at halftime the score was 73-50, giving the Warriors the lead. But that didn’t seem to bother L.A.C. one bit, they were relentless. Finally, they got the score tied with 1:10 left on the clock in the last quarter of play. Then, Steph Curry decided to put his chef hat on again and cook up the defense to get a three out of the deal. Now the score was 128-131, the Dubs (A.K.A. the Warriors) in the lead. The head coach of the Clippers, Doc Rivers, noticed that his team needed to get some strategy installed at the end to win it. So, he called a 60 second timeout. Second thought, he might not have called that timeout for a strategic reason, maybe he just called it to let his players calm down in crunch time.

After the timeout, L.A.C shook up the Warriors’ defense which resulted in a nice 11 foot fadeaway shot from the Clippers’ own Lou Williams. The score became 130-131. This was the closest scoring margin (with exception to the tie a couple minutes earlier) of the end of the game. Doc Rivers and his team could not give up now. After that last shot, it was Golden State’s ball. Then the “Lob City” defense slacked to a certain extent which now left three point master Klay Thompson wide open! He caught the ball and shot…MISS!

Now it was the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the opponent’s mistake. Montrezl Harrell picked up the defensive rebound, and just like that the Clippers were rolling. They decided to run down the clock from 31.2 to 16.5 seconds, and found an open Landry Shamet (Not to brag or anything, but if you go back to my “How Each Western Conference Team can Dethrone the Warriors” Article, I said that the key to L.A.C.’s offense was Shamet’s three point shooting expertise). He caught it and, just as I had predicted, he made it. The last 16.5 seconds involved the Warriors trying to draw fouls to get the ball back in their hands, which sadly for them did not succeed.

In the last two quarters alone, the Clippers made 85 points altogether: 44 in the third quarter, and 41 in the fourth. The scoring leaders were Lou Williams with 36 points and a 59% shooting percentage from the “Lob City,” and the Warriors’ Stephen Curry had 29 points and shot with about a 44% shooting percentage.

This was one of those games that can change the momentum and direction that they have in the playoffs by adapting expectations for each team. There was obvious home-court advantage this game for the Dubs, but that should change next game when both teams play at the Staples Center in Los Angeles…

What a night in basketball though! This is definitely one for the books. Stay tuned for another article regarding the fourth day of the NBA playoffs on the website.