The Ultimate Escape From Politics: A Thesis Of A Generation Z Sports Fan

Politics aren’t fun in divisive times. People don’t treat each other as fellow people, rather as enemies. Everything is a fight for power with no thought of human decency. Both sides of the isle are at fault, but neither will admit it. But sports arise differently, even in the midst of all of the political chaos.

The World of Sports doesn’t recognize people with power; it recognizes people with talent and skill. Money can’t buy clutch moments, only hard work can do that. If there is no human decency, players get ejected — or they downward spiral because or they lose the trust of their teammates.

So the moment that anyone says that politics and sports are inseparably intertwined, I must absolutely disagree. Sports exist for viewer entertainment and can help teach powerful life lessons like teamwork and composure — whereas politics are the complete opposite. We at 6048 strongly believe this, and it’s why our slogan is “Just Sports. Period.” We believe that is the sole role of sports news. As we look to the future of sports, many fans have begun to turn off their favorite sports broadcasts because the media outlets have infused their personal agendas into their sportscasts. This means that people who once found sports as a place of comfort — now actually find it to be, at times, a threatening atmosphere. Fans have had to stop keeping up with their favorite teams because of these biases, and this truly saddens me.

Twice in one week in 2019, ESPN’s #1 article, let me repeat: their NUMBER ONE story — was on Donald Trump. I’m sorry, but is Donald Trump a professional athlete? Out of all of the articles on their page, ESPN decided to shine the supposedly sports news spotlight on this one. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t like hearing a name of a politician, regardless of their party, in my sports news feed, let alone the top story? The beauty of sports, is that they exist for all fans’ enjoyment — regardless of political affiliation. The moment someone veers off political in their sports coverage, they single out specific groups creating a divisive, non-inclusive environment for sports fans.

And just when I thought that ESPN was done with their ranting for a little while, I was dead wrong. Just yesterday, Donald Trump’s name soared to the #1 article again — showing complete bias:

The difference between 6048 Sports and other sports media companies, such as ESPN, is that everyone is welcome at 6048. 6048 guarantees that there will be no political personal agendas — it’s media content strives to be an escape from the outside world for sports lovers. Here we can enjoy the games we love without the irritating interruption of politics, or fear of political ostracization.

I love the story of Walt Disney, and how he created his theme parks to be an escape from the daily grind of life. He purposely bought enough surrounding land so that even if someone was at the very top of the tallest ride, they still couldn’t see the outside world. At 6048 we filter out politics for that same reason: to enjoy the escape from the grind and divisive politics.

Sometimes people look down on those wanting to escape politics, as “childish.”But something fascinating about children is that even though they may not know politics very well, they can sure pick up a ball and have a blast playing with it. Little kids don’t strive to single-anyone out; they are some of the most inclusive people on the planet. At 6048 we would like to welcome you to enjoy sports as a child again, where our focus is simply on this: the game at hand. Just Sports. Period.