6048 Sports Update (4/17/19)


Some people would disagree with the argument that unity in sports is when there is no presence of politics on the field or the court. They believe that this idea is too pessimistic, or impossible. They are right in the fact that this idea is going to be hard to get, but it’s not impossible. Many of the greatest human achievements were once deemed “impossible.”

This is our vision at 6048 Sports and we have some serious goals to fill. We want there to be a world without politics and sports being combined into our sports news, where they force us to “deem” it actual sports news. But the real news is that it isn’t.

This article titled, UNITED IN SPORT: How Sports Can Bring Together Polar Opposites, will include extensive research digging deep into how all athletes perceive sports, the fans, and what we can do to change the lack of unity in our sports society today. Stay tuned for more details on this massive article.

Announcing the Christian and DeMonte show!

We at 6048 Sports are excited to announce that we are creating a sports-talk show with two of our writers DeMonte Parker and Christian Stown (myself). In this we will dig deeper into recent games, our predictions, trades, and more. This show will air on Youtube, Instagram, and our website 6048sports.com .

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions but in the meanwhile, enjoy our non-political sports news.