4 Reasons Why Tonight Was One Crazy Night In The NBA: Kawhi Not? (7/6/19)

At around 12am this morning my notification were going berserk. I knew that Kawhi had made his decision, but little did I know there was much more to it than that.

1.) Kawhi Leonard and Paul George join the Los Angeles Clippers. I wrote more about that in my previous article, but to sum things up — this move will change them from one of the best defensive teams to one of the best two-way teams.

2.) The NBA Summer League games were postponed because of an earthquake. As I was watching the play-by-play action of the Knicks battling it out against the Pelicans, the craziest thing happened. The screen started shaking! I just figured that the camera man had one too many refreshments during his commercial break, but I was wrong. There was an Earthquake! It got so bad that the NBA had to postpone the games because of safety issues — particularly the speakers that were hung from the ceiling and were moving.

3.) Zion Williamson got a small injury to his knee. During the game, Zion collided with another player and hurt his knee. The Pelicans staff decided to bench him — obviously to play it safe because their future as a franchise is in Williamson’s hands right now…

4.) Danny Green Signs with the Lakers! FINALLY THEY GET A SHOOTER!

Ok, at first I had my doubts that the Lakers could land a shooter. But now, they filled the exact gap that they needed. Danny Green helped the Raptors win a championship last year and is total money from beyond the arc. This pick is almost as good as them possibly landing Kawhi because they earn space to get more exceptional players — which leads me to my last point…

5.) The Lakers Re-Signed Center Javale McGee.

This makes me happy to see quite a show go on in LA this year. Not just because Kawhi and Paul George went to the Clippers, but also that I get to see a possible death lineup of LeBron, A.D., and Javale. As I said before, if the Lakers can figure out how to make something similar to a 2/3 zone with those three in the back, no one will be able to shoot in the paint (of course, that would only work if their opponent doesn’t shoot very well). They might not use this defensive strategy that often, but I can tell you one thing: It would definitely be entertaining to watch!
So for those of you who normal people who were asleep during all of this madness this was all that happened. What a day in NBA free agency. This one definitely goes down in the books as one of the most hectic nights the NBA has ever witnessed…