Is Giannis To The Warriors An Actual Possibility?

3 days ago, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Twitter account was hacked. The hacker decided to post a lot of inappropriate Tweets while Giannis’ account was compromised — and among them was one that read: “I’m going to the Warriors.”

This Tweet was not believable at the time, because it was quite apparent that someone had hacked into his account, but it did address the elephant in the room: Is Giannis really looking to join the Warriors?

The Warriors certainly are looking to get him. Rumors have been circling that the Golden State Warriors are expected to pitch the Milwaukee Bucks a deal for Antetokounmpo, and it certainly won’t be a small one, either. According to DeMonte Parker, basketball analyst for 6048, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Golden State offer both Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins to the Bucks this Summer in exchange for Giannis Antetokounmpo.

I asked him: ” Why would they trade Klay? Do you really think that they would dish out Thompson before Curry?” He replied: “It has become more and more obvious that the Warriors are Steph’s team, so yes.”

It was at this point a thought hit me: What if not only Antetokounmpo would be motivated for the deal, but Klay Thompson was as well? It’s no lie: Thompson has had to live under Curry’s shadow for a while now. He could become the best shooter on any other team int he league, but because he is on “Steph’s team,” he is their #2 guy. This has to be incredibly frustrating. Plus, even though the Milwaukee Bucks would lose Giannis, they might even become even more of a threat in the playoffs, and eventually the Finals. Andrew Wiggins, on the other hand, is probably sick of moving teams — but chances are that Milwaukee would want to keep him for a long time, (in this hypothetical scenario) and would probably sign him to a long term deal.

But ultimately what it comes down to is does the Greek Freak want to leave the Bucks? I don’t think that he wants to leave the Bucks, but he definitely could be motivated to join the Warriors. Even though this sounds weird, Antetokounmpo is a humble guy who doesn’t seem to have any bad blood with anyone (with exception to that one time that he shoulder-checked Mike Dunleavy Jr. during a playoff game in 2015). He is the face of the Bucks’ franchise, and it would be hard to think that anyone would want to leave that. But unfortunately, Milwaukee’s roster is very Giannis-centered — they don’t have as good of a supporting cast as other teams.

The Warriors, on the other hand, (after the hypothetical trade) would have Steph Curry, Eric Paschall, an early 2020 first-round pick, and Draymond Green. Factor Giannis Antetokounmpo to that roster, and there is almost a guaranteed championship win. It would seem that 28 teams might consider quitting, figuratively. The Warriors were dreaded by 29 teams when they acquired Kevin Durant from the Thunder, and this deal would not be any different.

Ultimately, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s contract expires at the end of this season. The Bucks are expected to pitch him a record-offer for a $247 million extension for 5 years. That certainly would be hard to turn down! But even Giannis has said before that his accomplishments are nowhere near a championship win. And since the NBA season is likely to get canceled, the Bucks’ incredible season has been completely wasted. Giannis could take the serious bet that Milwaukee will do as well next season, or he could take the easy way out and join Golden State.

Right now, with the NBA shutdown, anything is possible, but it is still unlikely that Antetokounmpo will leave. That said, the league is in uncharted territory, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise if Giannis does in fact decide to leave the Bucks for the Warriors.