My Biggest Takeaways From Round 1 Of The 2020 NFL Draft

1. The Broncos and Cowboys are going to have the scariest receiver combos in the league.

Having Jerry Jeudy, receiver from Alabama, still around at pick 15 was an unusual opportunity for the Broncos. Jeudy was ranked 6th overall and 1st at the receiver position, so when the Broncos drafted him as the 15th overall pick, many were surprised. There were even reports before the Draft that Denver might have potentially traded up to get him. As far as what he brings to the table for the Mile High City, there is a lot of potential. At the NFL Combine, Jeudy ran a 4.4 40-yard dash time, which isn’t crazy fast, but it still is decent when compared to other receivers in this year’s draft. In order for him to be Drew Lock’s No. 2 receiver on the Broncos, he will have to become a serious route-runner.

There were a lot of different candidates that the Cowboys were rumored to pick last night in the draft. But when it came down to business, Jerry Jones picked up CeeDee Lamb, receiver from Oklahoma, with the 17th overall pick. CeeDee Lamb is very similar to Dallas’ Michael Gallup and will pose as another great target for Dak Prescott to throw to.

2. The Chargers aren’t completely sold on the idea of Tyrod Taylor being their main quarterback.

There has been a lot of hype for Tyrod Taylor among personal trainers and some of the coaching staff of the Chargers, because they believe that he could have been a major sleeper pick in free agency this offseason. The Chargers on the other hand, proved that they are not 100% sold on him yet. Last night Los Angeles picked up Justin Herbert, quarterback from Oregon, with their sixth pick overall. If they were truly confident in Taylor, the Chargers would have drafted one of the star-studded receivers or tackles to help compliment his skills. This also offers them a backup plan. If for some weird reason Tyrod Taylor doesn’t work out mid-season, they have someone who could step in and hopefully at that point their team wouldn’t completely crash and burn.

3. The Buccaneers are going all-in on their offense.

Tompa Bay is not only a nickname for Tampa Bay, it is also a mindset for the coaching staff of the Buccaneers. Every move that they have made since Brady joined the team has all been centered around their six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback. So, it was not surprising that Tampa Bay decided to pick up a tackle with their first pick. The manner in which they went after it was surprising though. The Buccaneers decided to trade their 14th overall pick (with the 117th pick) for the 49ers’ 13th overall pick (and for their 245th pick). At its face value, this doesn’t make much sense. The 49ers were looking to select a defensive player early, not an offensive lineman. But do you know who probably was? The Denver Broncos — who were at pick number 16. Perhaps if Tampa didn’t make the trade, Denver would have. But that didn’t happen: The Buccaneers took OT Tristan Wirfs with the 13th overall pick (that they traded for), the 49ers took DT Javon Kinlaw at 14, and the Broncos took WR Jerry Jeudy at 15. So when all said and done, everyone was happy — and the Bucs got Tom Brady a little more breathing room in the pocket.

4. The 49ers have become more able to terrorize Patrick Mahomes next season.

San Francisco has to be incredibly frustrated after their 31-20 Super Bowl loss in February. They did not engage enough pressure on Patrick Mahomes — which is the main reason why they lost. Their decision to draft Javon Kinlaw with the 14th overall pick confirmed my suspicion. They are still salty about what Mahomes did to them and wanted to get another scary defender to line up with Nick Bosa and rush the Chiefs’ offensive line, so they did.

5. There is going to be a big fight for the starting QB position in Miami.

With the 5th overall pick last night, the Miami Dolphins selected Tua Tagovailoa, QB from Alabama. He is a big bet for one main reason: his health. During his time playing in college, Tagovailoa broke his finger, injured his quad, sprained his ankle, and dislocated his hip. Obviously the most-detrimental to his NFL Draft ranking was his hip injury — which took him out of the rest of the college football season this past November. He hasn’t played in a legitimate football game since and some believe he is still recovering. That said, he has the potential to be better than the current two options in Miami: Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick. So this whole season, the Dolphins will be evaluating how all their quarterbacks do in hopes of finding their quarterback that will lead the team now and in years to come.