New arena for the LA Clippers?

Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer bought the 400 million dollar Los Angeles Forum in CASH! With the NBA at a halt because or the Coronavirus, this could be a crucial time for the Clippers to develop a plan to move to the Forum in the near future. The Clippers lease with Staples Center is up in the year 2024, so they would have until then to discuss if they would like to move or not.  The Clippers have been talking about moving or buying another stadium for the last 2-3 years, they have never took action on that decision until Ballmer bought the Forum. There isn’t much more information on what actions they will/have taken already with the Forum in their possession.

If the Clippers were to move to the new arena Steve Ballmer bought, I’d give them their own space to play games, to practice, and to train. They wouldn’t have to share an arena with the LA Lakers anymore, which would benefit them because when the Lakers play the Clippers, even if it’s technically a “Clippers home game” some people still consider it a Lakers home game since the Staples Center is known as the “Lakers arena”, with Laker fans. Moving to the new location would give them their own face to an arena, which I feel like would bring more Clippers fans to the games. With the Clippers being in the second seed with 44 wins and 21 losses, they have potential to win it all. In my opinion the Clippers are a super team just like the Lakers. If they move to the new forum after their lease is up, they have the talent to bring titles to their potential arena.