MVP race between Lebron and Giannis

Both Lebron and Giannis are dominant scorers and play elite defense.  Lebron seems to have reached a point in his career where he is consistently making the right decision with the ball.  He doesn’t try to do too much and not only is an accurate passer but his delivery, in rhythm to each individual player has him leading the league in assists, and truly puts him in a league with the most elite passers that have ever played the game.  

Conversely, Giannis has shown weakness against strategic defenses that limit his ability to penetrate. His range has improved as well as his shooting percentage, but he can’t seem to recognize when he needs to deliver the ball to his elite shooters and instead tries forcing a score in the paint or taking an ill advised 3.  His potential is among the highest, if not highest in the NBA, but for him to prove elite, and ultimately compete with Lebron for MVP honors, he will need to learn to more consistently deliver the ball to his shooters and not force his way in the paint.