Edelman To Denver: A Win-Win For Both Teams

I know… I know… I know. The probability of this happening might be really low, but I think it would be incredibly beneficial for both teams if the Broncos traded the Patriots for Julian Edelman.


  • Broncos trade 15th overall pick to the Patriots.
  • Patriots trade Julian Edelman and 23rd overall pick to the Broncos.

This might seem absolutely crazy, but it would benefit both teams, think about it:

The Broncos are in desperate need of a speedy receiver to compliment their Megatron-caliber player Courtland Sutton, and I strongly doubt that they would take the risk of picking up Antonio Brown. That’s why Julian Edelman would be the perfect fit — giving Denver more weapons for Drew Lock to use in their brand-new offense.

And as unfortunate as it is, Denver doesn’t need the 15th overall pick. This draft is very quarterback-heavy and many teams, like the Patriots, are looking to draft a rookie quarterback so that their future is bright. And the quarterbacks this year will be going fast, so it would certainly be more beneficial for the Pats to move up in the first-round. Teams like the Broncos are going to need to focus on drafting more offensive linemen and they won’t go very early — barely even affecting who Denver wants to get.

Even with as much of a Pats icon that Edelman has forged himself into, New England isn’t looking to keep their high-paid, veteran cast. In the past week, they lost Tom Brady, — the six-time Super Bowl champion, three-time NFL MVP and 20-year Patriot. That was probably the biggest blow to the franchise that they have ever experienced. Since, the Pats have gotten rid of multiple of their players in trades for draft picks or just so they just don’t have to pay so much money. Another great example is their release of Stephen Gostowski, who played for New England for 14 seasons. Like it or not, right now marks the beginning of the rebuilding stage for the Patriots.

In my opinion, the Edelman to Denver trade would be incredibly beneficial for both teams. But unfortunately it probably won’t happen.