So What Does Melvin Add To The Broncos?

About two days ago, Melvin Gordon announced that he would be leaving the Los Angeles Chargers to join the Denver Broncos. Immediately this move came under massive scrutiny by various news outlets. Here’s a couple examples of titles of articles that came out after the deal:

NFL Free Agency Fantasy Fallout: Melvin Gordon signs with Broncos, creates even bigger logjam for touches –Melvin Gordon has signed with the Denver Broncos, creating a nightmare scenario for Fantasy.

The Broncos signing Melvin Gordon doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense

The argument that was put up in these articles is that Melvin Gordon wasn’t needed with the Broncos’ 1-2 punch of Phillip Lindsay — the speedy one, and Royce Freeman — the bruiser. I absolutely disagree.

Sure, the Lindsay-Freeman combo is one of the best in the league, but that does not necessarily mean that it is complete yet. Especially with a new offensive coordinator, like Pat Shurmur in this case.

Shurmur’s offensive play scheme has been shaking up the traditional Broncos game plan, but in good cause. Part of it requires a running back to be able to catch the ball like a receiver and run with it — being also referred to as a third-down back. Because there is more emphasis on a third-down back, there is little-to-no need for a full back in his offense — which is why the Broncos traded Andy Janovich, despite signing him to a new deal right after the season was over.

Another exciting thing for Denver about Pat Shurmur’s offense is how it can be centered around a young quarterback. At first, I was up-and-arms about the New York Giants benching Eli Manning for rookie quarterback Daniel Jones (back when Shurmur was the offensive coordinator for New York). But then I quickly realized that the offense that was set up in the Big Apple worked incredibly well with Jones, who in return he lead them to victory on multiple occasions. Similarly, the Broncos released the veteran QB (Joe Flacco) and invested in Drew Lock, the rookie — which was a complete power move. It illustrated that all their confidence is in Drew Lock.

Since Shurmur’s offense is coming together with players like Melvin Gordon that will fulfill their roles, Lock and the whole Broncos team are being set up for tremendous success.