The Top Five Most Savage NBA Players Of All Time

Webster’s Dictionary defines “savage” in noun form as: “A brutal person.” For the sake of this article though, I would like to define it still as a noun, but with the dictionary’s definition for the adjective form: “lacking the restraints normal to civilized human beings : FIERCE, FEROCIOUS.” This description perfectly fits into sports. There are times in sports when athletes get tangled up or are infuriated by a bad call and their patience and temper is tested. Many players have held their emotions in well and some haven’t. This article strictly talks about the competitors that were so caught up in the games that they decided to go full-on savage, and take it out on other players and coaches.

Now that the term “savage” is clearly defined, here are some highlights of my top five most savage NBA players of all time. The film should speak for itself…

5. Zaza Paculia

4. Charles Oakley

3. Isiah Thomas

2. Bill Laimbeer

1. Draymond Green

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