The Return… (2/29/20)

It appears that the time we have been waiting for might actually be closer than you think.

For the first time in four months, the Warriors point guard got to participate in a full-contact practice, yesterday.

Stephen Curry has been out since Golden State’s game against Phoenix back at the beginning of the season. The Warriors’ whole team is hopeful that the two-time NBA MVP will make his return this Sunday against the Washington Wizards in the Chase Center in San Francisco.

Shams Charania, an NBA insider for the athletic reported a couple of days ago on Twitter that the vibe in the Warriors’ locker room is that Steph is coming back this Sunday.

However, Golden State’s head coach, Steve Kerr, doesn’t believe that Curry has scrimmaged enough to play: “He’s only scrimmaged twice… In fact, I think he needs more. We’ll see how it all plays out. … Nothing’s official. He’ll play when he’s ready.”

Personally, even though I would love to see it, I don’t think that the Warriors should put Curry in this season. The Warriors have, by far, the worst record in the league with 12 wins and 47 losses, so it will be pretty close to impossible for them to make the playoffs. All Curry would do if he was back is boost the confidence of the team.

The other part that is unfortunate is that even with Curry back, the Warriors are still going to need more talent before they go all-in for another championship title — like Klay Thompson. He doesn’t come back until next season, so that’s yet another reason for why Curry should wait.

Maybe, instead of winning, the Warriors are doing this to reward Dub Nation for all of their time waiting through the many losses.

Regardless of the date of his return, Curry will have a major fan base around the world that has his back and is rooting for him…