Sixers’ Power Forward, Joel Embiid, Declares himself ‘Best Player In The World’ (2/21/20)

Joel Embiid is one of the most entertaining NBA players, not necessarily because of his style of play, but because he regularly finds ways to get all of the spotlight on himself. Embiid is a dramatic guy, you know?

Last night Joel Embiid played very well against the Brooklyn Nets — racking up 39 points and 16 rebounds in the 76ers’ win. Afterwards in an interview, he said“But the All-Star Game, just proving I’m here, I belong, and being the best player in the world, I just intend to keep coming out every single night and just play hard and trying to get wins and just go out and try to win a championship.” Personally, I think that it is ridiculous to believe that Joel Embiid is better than players like James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, or LeBron James, but I like how he is showing off his confidence. Often times, Ben Simmons will get all of the credit on the 76ers and we will forget how good Joel Embiid is. He is standing up for himself in a way that will help him grow as a player.

It was an extremely emotional game for the Nets because they had just received word that their star point guard, Kyrie Irving, decided to get shoulder surgery that would take him out for the rest of the season. At first, the Sixers were up 22-6 on the Nets and looking pretty dominant. Brooklyn didn’t care though. They came back with a 44-8 run to take the lead, and that was only in the first half!

After going into overtime, the final score was Sixers 112 – Nets 104. What a game!

Looking into the future, many sports analysts have Philadelphia as their dark horse to win the East in the playoffs, which certainly could be the case. But before their latest four wins, the 76ers lost four games in a row — to all Eastern Conference teams, including: The Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, and Milwaukee Bucks. If they want to win, Embiid and their whole team will have to rally for wins on a regular basis. In my mind, that is the only way they can be the dark horse that many want to see succeed.

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“Portrait: Joel Embiid” by Tim Allen is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0