NY Guardians QB Matt McGloin Might Have Talked Himself Out Of A Job (2/17/20)

The XFL is showing that that all of their extra mic’d moments are useful in catching the whole story. Unfortunately, that’s not a good thing for New York Guardians quarterback Matt McGloin.

With his team down 12-0 at halftime, McGloin was interviewed by a reporter who asked him what his thoughts were on the game, he responded with:

“We need to change the whole entire game plan.”

That was a complete shock to everyone. Even the reporter said that she had never heard a response like that. In that response, Matt McGloin threw his coach and entire offense under the bus.

What happens next? McGloin throws a pick and gets benched.

Later on in the 4th, the Guardians’ quarterback was interviewed on the sidelines with about five minutes left in the game. In the interview, he said:“I think we need to make a lot of adjustments, make a lot of changes… To be honest with you, this is probably one of the worst games I’ve been apart of (offensively)”

Shortly after, the quarterback followed up with:“There’s a lot of stuff going on behind closed doors, I think we need to clean that up, communication especially is one” McGloin, in a way, has demonstrated that his team’s roster currently has 50 more people than he would like on it. He has hurt his chances about seeing another start for New York unless he makes an extreme attitude adjustment. If he doesn’t, many of us will be asking the question:

Is he trying to get traded?

Photo Credit:

By David from Washington, DC – 125A1706, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=71100495