Multiple Peach Bowl Records Set In LSU’s Win Over Oklahoma (12/29/19)

So far, the notorious “Heisman Curse” has not tampered with Joe Burrow’s playmaking ability. In the Tigers 63-28 win over the Sooners yesterday, Burrow threw for 493 yards and recorded 7 touchdown passes. Not only did he break the NCAA’s record for most passing touchdowns in a bowl game, but he also did it in the first half!

Joe Burrow did not stand alone on the Tigers’ stat sheet. Justin Jefferson recorded the best performance by a wide receiver in Peach Bowl history. He had 14 catches for 227 yards and 4 touchdowns!

The explanation for the crazy dominance by LSU in the game really starts with the battling offenses. Unfortunately for the Sooners, they had a hard time converting first downs on important drives, resulting in them being unable to score. Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts had his worst game of the season, and quite possibly his career, battling against the Tigers. Despite being the runner-up candidate for the Heisman Trophy behind Joe Burrow, he recorded no passing touchdowns and one interception for 217 yards. He did help ease his team’s pain by rushing for 43 yards and two touchdowns. It wasn’t enough to stay in the game with Louisiana State.

The LSU Tigers will take on the Clemson Tigers in the College Football Playoff National Championship on January 13 at 6:00pm MST. We will get an opportunity to see two very talented quarterbacks battle it out, Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow. Both defenses should be thoroughly studying the quarterback of the opposition if they want to win. They will be the keys to the game.

Photo Credit:By Tammy Anthony Baker, Photographer – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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