Ja Morant Has Incredible Game In Major Upset, Mentions Twitter Troll (3/1/20)

The Lakers’ 18-game road winning streak came to an end last night in Memphis, where the Grizzlies destroyed them 105-88.

In the game, Memphis outscored L.A. in every quarter, except for the fourth. In that quarter the Lakers put up 22 points, but it still wasn’t enough to win. The Grizzlies had double the steals that the Lakers had by taking away ten of their possessions, as opposed to the five that their opponent had. L.A. also had fourteen turnovers, which doubled the Grizzlies’ seven.

Despite the Lakers having a big-man dominant team, Memphis beat them with points in the paint 52-38. No one on their team broke 20 points — in difference with their opponent, which had three players exceed 20 points. One of them, rookie Ja Morant, put up 27 points, 6 rebounds, and 14 assists.

The irony about his incredible performance in the game is that Ja found his motivation from a Twitter troll. Originally, the troll mentioned: “I liked it when Ja had that fire in his eye. He doesn’t look like he wants it more than others #NoCHip

After the game, Morant expressed his gratitude for the Twitter troll:“I’m thankful for this guy who tweeted and said I don’t have that fire in my eye no more. That game right there was for him.”

In another perspective, it might seem very strange that of all the team that they had played, the Lakers broke their winning streak against the Grizzlies. There are probably people out there that say that because of this game, the Lakers should be panicking. I certainly do not. Every team has their ups and downs, and in a league that has an 82-game season, it is almost impossible to find complete consistency.