From Defensive Stops To Broken Records, Last Night’s CFP National Championship Was One For The Books (1/14/20)

Last night was a crazy night in the CFP National Championship. In the beginning of the game it seemed like it was going to be the battle of the defenses. But then after Trevor Lawrence completed a 42-yard pass to Braden Galloway, that all changed.

After he threw that long pass, Clemson was called for an illegal block, which lost 15 of those yards — leaving them at LSU’s 40-yard line. It was on this drive that Trevor Lawrence ran a QB sweep to give Clemson a 7-0 lead with just under seven minutes left in the first quarter.

After both teams had punted again, LSU shocked Clemson when Joe Burrow connected with Ja’Marr Chase for a 52-yard touchdown.
Then it became the battle of the offenses.

Unfortunately for Clemson, their last score occurred with just over eleven minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Throughout the rest of the game, they had to punt. With three minutes left in the game, Clemson tried to do something about the 42-25 score gap. Trevor Lawrence had the ball stripped and LSU recovered the football. Once the offensive unit came out on the field, they ran out the clock and ended the game.

After throwing four touchdown passes in the game, Joe Burrow broke the single-season passing touchdown record. His 60 total TD passes took the place of the original record of 58 which was set by Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan in 2006.

LSU also joined a short list of three teams that went 15-0 on their season — putting them in the same category as the dominant 1995 Nebraska and 2001 Miami teams.

What a game.

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