Brady And Brown Reportedly Want To Reunite, But Where? (3/8/20)

WARNING, FULL DISCLAIMER: There is a significant possibility that Tom Brady is just punking everyone by making it seem that he is interested in other teams, when in reality he is going back to the Patriots again. At least that’s what I personally would do, but his contact with Antonio Brown is hinting that he is considering another direction.

Two people close to Antonio Brown have said that he and quarterback Tom Brady have kept “close contact” since Brown was kicked off of the team. Brady has reportedly told Brown that he wants the two to team up wherever he ends up going. Where might they go? Here’s a few destinations:


PROS: The Patriots should welcome back Brady with open arms if he decides to stay. Tom Brady would be incentivized to stay to keep his NFL career looking more orthodox — maintaining the same fan base as he had before.

CONS: New England dropped Antonio Brown based on his numerous off-the-field issues, and it would be hard to see him getting picked up by them again.

2. Las Vegas:

PROS: Tom Brady would help introduce the NFL to a new city on the board in a new stadium with nice facilities, and he is friends with the owner. If Brown came, it would even further create more options for the 42 year-old QB.

CONS: The problem with this deal, like with New England, is that the Raiders already kicked Antonio Brown off of their team due to behind-the-scenes issues. Brown would most-likely not be picked up again even if Brady was to go there.

3. Los Angeles:

PROS: Antonio Brown has not been kicked off of this team before. On top of that, they also “mutually” parted ways with their old QB Philip Rivers in this past offseason. Brown’s incredible receiving skills would help build their offense into an incredible-caliber team. Since they just signed Austin Ekeler to a nice deal and will most-likely re-sign Melvin Gordon too. An established run and receive game would be a great fit for Tom Brady.

CONS: Football wise, L.A. is all but owned by the Rams. Moving here would mean that the players would have less spotlight to showcase their incredible and talent.

Personally, I think that Brady and possibly Brown will most-likely return to the Patriots — but it remains pure speculation — until we get more confirmed info…