33-Year Old Iraq War Veteran Fulfills Dream To Play College Football (11/11/19)

C.S. Lewis, the famous author, once said: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Apparently Josh Griffin, running back for Colorado State, has taken this to heart.

The 13-year army sergeant has become the oldest player in the NCAA by walking on as a running back at Colorado State University. He has served in both Afghanistan and Iraq — training with the U.S. Army Rangers and the Green Berets. The Army ROTC program that he is currently with allows him to play football for the last two years of his bachelor’s degree, while still remaining on active duty. This will be his second year with the team, making it his last.

Griffin always had a dream to play college football. But unfortunately during his senior year of high school, he tore his hamstring — making it practically impossible to get recruited.

“It was always a dream for me to play ball, and then when I got the opportunity to come back to school to finish a degree, I was like, OK, let me go to a school where I can see if I can walk on,”

Griffin said in an interview with The Coloradoan.

Initially, Josh Griffin was looking at several programs: like Temple — which is close to where his grandma lives, Houston — where he grew up, and the University of Southern California — for it’s prestige in the world of football.

It actually wasn’t until he missed the flight to USC when he started to consider CSU. After finding out some contact information of the coaches after being admitted to the school, he was given a tryout. And just like that he was on the team.

The CSU Rams’ head coach Mike Bobo said the following about the positive advantages of bringing him onto the squad:

“Josh is a walk-on trying to find a role on this team, find a role on special teams for us. But he has influence. He’s older. He’s done a great job of taking these guys under his wing. If something happens, the first person they call a lot of times is Josh, and I think that’s great.I’m just ecstatic to have him on our football team. He’s a great influence on these guys.”

Colorado State Head Coach Mike Bobo said about having Griffin on the squad.

Sometimes in a college atmosphere it can be hard for coaches to keep their athletes in line — that’s why it is so nice to have (literal) veteran leaders on the team, to keep them in check.

Colorado State has been on a three-game winning streak, but still have to face three opponents: Air Force, Wyoming, and Boise State. The hardest of all by far will be their final regular-season game where they play the Broncos who just so happen to be ranked #19 in the nation right now. If this was in Boise, it would most-likely be a total blowout. But since this final game will be in Fort Collins, there is still hope.

If the Rams can win out, including a win over Boise, they could make a bowl game with a 7-5 record. If CSU’s offense remains as dominant as they have been in the past three games, I don’t see what’s going to stop them from beating anyone that comes into their path — by tearing them asunder!

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