$ Why Athletes in the NCAA Should Get Paid $ (3/30/19)

Study. Grind. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. This is the daily schedule of almost every college athlete. No part of it is easy, with exception to the sleeping. After one to four straight years of this, hopefully each one is awarded a degree for their hard work in school and sports, and in very rare occasions a job on the professional level of athletics. It alone is an amazing reward for playing sports in the NCAA, however this is might not be enough for top-tier college prospects.

The issue has opened the doors to more-serious problems in the world of college sports. It has prompted many sports-prestigious universities to consider paying the top recruits illegally, and in secret.

Here’s an article below about proof that some college basketball players are bribed to join specific teams. The source comes from Yahoo Sports,

If NCAA athletes were publicly paid, it would close the door to shady deals like these ones. It also could help each player get their working lives started faster after they graduate. There is a possible risk of getting injured extremely bad, so a compensation would be more beneficial for them.

Perhaps the most positive outcome of paying college athletes would be that high-level recruits would have more incentive to finish college and get a degree, rather than leaving as soon as they could with most of their college credits fading because they did not get a degree. It would highlight the fact that education is extremely important in our society and that college sports are just as important as the professional ones, ultimately gaining more respect for each university.