R.I.P. Lakers Season (3/30/19)

The Los Angeles Lakers came out today saying that Lebron James would not be playing the last six games of their season, to rest his Groin because it still needed recovery. Let’s face it, one of his nicknames is “The King of L.A.” and this decision will make many people upset, especially ones who purchased Lakers tickets to see him these next several games. This decision shows that the management wants to start getting ready for the 2019-2020 season.
Some critics say that Lebron’s season was a complete waste, citing their losses, and claim that the team is not as good as everyone had imagined. When LA brought Lebron in, many people set high expectations for the Lakers. Adding him and still losing added to the discouragement because this would be the sixth season in a row that they did not make the playoffs. Perhaps the one this hurt the most was the King of Basketball himself, being only the third time he has missed them out of his sixteen seasons in the NBA.

However, most people forget the most impactful part of the Lakers’ fate this season, injuries. Bron was out for 17 games due to a groin injury that occurred on the Christmas Day game vs. the Golden State Warriors. Not a great Christmas present for his fans! In his absence, the team won six games and lost eleven, which shows how his injury impacted his team. Also, their star veteran point guard — Rajon Rondo — missed 14 games from a finger-ligament injury. Lonzo Ball received a Grade-3 ankle sprain on January 19th and has not played since. To add to the drama, Brandon Ingraham will have altogether missed 26 games this season from a sprained ankle and a blood clot in his shoulder. Josh Hart is going to miss the rest of the season from a knee surgery for really bad tendonitis. So yah, this team might might have had some bad jujus this season.

This Lakers team has so much potential if they all can stay healthy, but I don’t know if I would say that they are a finals-ready team yet. LA has lots of talented players, but they still have to fill the need of getting a good shooter. They need to get a superstar like Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, or Kemba Walker this summer during free agency.

Or, if King James has made amends, maybe he will reunite with his old frenemy teammate Kyrie Irving? I guess we will have to wait until free agency to find that one out.